I am a writer, a farmer and a United Church minister. As a minister, I’ve worked mostly in rural Ontario churches, though during my training I spent time in inner city Montreal. With my husband, and our adult son, I raise sheep. Our daughter, who claimed to hate  farming, worked for three years in Ghana supporting agricultural extension.

As well as writing fantasy novels and literary short stories, I write a weekly spirituality column for Owensoundhub.org.

My first two novels are set in ancient Greece, and the demands of thorough research required travel to check out the locations and to feel the dynamics underlying the story. On that trip I discovered the Acheron River in western Greece near Parga. Ice cold water flows through a deep canyon with twisted oaks growing among bubbling pools. Soon, I will go back to a novel set on Mount Pelion, the ancient home of centaurs, and I suppose a trip back to eastern Greece will be required.

I have just about completed a contemporary fantasy set in rural Ontario with a modern day alchemist, an elf bound to serve him, mysterious and hungry shadow creatures. When the alchemist gets into trouble, his daughter will have to find a way to rescue him.


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