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The ancient urban rural divide

“The Goddess frowned at the way houses had sprouted like mushrooms around the base of the hill, taking up land that should be farmed. The king seemed to forget that his wealth came from the produce of the land.” In … Continue reading

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The Rescuers’ Journey

Thought I would offer an excerpt from my novel Moon of the Goddess. Hope you enjoy it! “This is the place where the tunnel narrows,” said Melanion. He turned sideways, leading with his shoulder. The tunnel wall was hardly a handspan from … Continue reading

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Voss Foster on Dragons and his new book

Zerga tossed the flask on the table. “You have what you want, Dragon, now go.”  “Not just yet.” She stepped out of the table and grabbed the flask. Solidity crept up her fingers, enveloped her arm, coursed through her until … Continue reading

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A new book by Voss Foster

One of my colleagues has just published a novel with Prism books. He’s  on a blog tour talking about the book, and will visit here next Thursday. You can meet up with his tour between now and then by checking … Continue reading

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A blog visit from Voss Foster

Prizm Books, who are publishing my novel, have lots of great stories and novels. One of their authors is Voss Foster and here is his reflection on his just published novel Zirkura Fantastic. When someone might die, or do the … Continue reading

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