In the Toronto of the future, an AI called Monitor oversees all the city’s infrastructure. Coordinating public transit and self-driving cars, gridlock is a thing of the past, along with surprises with city electrical and water systems. The system is foolproof and impenetrable–or so it’s believed.

The first intrusion into Monitor is innocuous enough: some graffiti that fools auto-pilots into stopping traffic. However, when a hacker interferes with water main monitoring, lives are put at risk. Suddenly, people start questioning the wisdom of leaving such essential systems in the hands of an AI that can be corrupted.

Miles Franklin is the manager of tech support at Monitor Central, but his true advantage is his connection to the Gifted, people with heightened senses. His own ability to sense electrical pulses is joined by empaths and someone who can see the outcomes of decisions yet to be made. Another’s affinity with plants clues the Gifted community in to a threat to the sole remaining corner of Toronto’s once grand High Park, and it seems like the events are connected.

It’s going to take all the skills the Gifted have to prevent chaos and the destruction of the greenery they hold so dear.


“This serious, stark, and refreshingly measured warning about the risks of future technology braids its fantastical elements with satisfying, complex conspiracy. Sci-fi fans looking for mature dystopian fiction should check this out.” – Publishers Weekly

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