Moons over Grecian Waters

HPIM1178Tired of pseudo-medieval settings for fantasy stories, my first novels were set in ancient Greece, in the time Homer wrote about. In that day, the cities were just growing in power and the Olympian gods were new. The older earth goddess traditions still held the attention of the agricultural population. Conflict between the goddess Eurynome and the Olympian Poseidon underlies these two books Moon of the Goddess and Before the New Moon Rises.

The story begins when a princess is kidnapped to buy Poseidon’s aid for a troubled valley. The young woman, Thalassai, must conquer her fear and strive to keep herself whole while her brother races to her rescue. He seeks to avoid all out war and gains the help of the daughter of the god of healing. Over the course of the two books, Thalassai finds strength and skills she had no idea were in her, and her brother faces complication after complication.

Told from multiple perspectives, the stories explore the exquisite landscape of Greece and the complicated mythology of the time before the classical era. The ebooks are available at

Moon of the Goddess

Before the New Moon Rises

Moon in the Sign of Aries