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In the bright sun and dry air of Burkina Faso, shadows are sharp. Looking down, I saw clear images of what was between the sun and the ground. This was particularly striking when we visited a modern sculpture garden. The stone … Continue reading

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Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

In old western movies and TV shows where most of the action is somewhere out on the range, there was a segment that took the viewer back to the ranch to see what was going on at home. It occurred … Continue reading

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Talking Greek heroes and heroines with V. L. Locey

We often focus on the gods; who is your favorite hero or heroine? V. L. Locey: So many choices. While I enjoy reading about Heracles and Theseus, I have to say my favorite heroine from classic legends is Atalanta. Sure, … Continue reading

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Talking Greek mythology with V. L. Locey

Who do you hate, or at least dislike, but keep seeking out anyway? V. L. Locey: Probably Hades. I think that`s because I chose him as the villain in my Gods & Goats trilogy and I can`t seem to shake … Continue reading

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The story the kidnapped princess wishes for

In my novel Moon of the Goddess,  the kidnapped princess Thalassai watches the stars of Herakles’ constellation and wishes he would come to her rescue. When the kidnappers call for a story to be told, she hopes they will tell … Continue reading

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About the heroine of Moon of the Goddess

I never liked Helen of Troy. She seems so helpless. Homer and others portray her as beautiful, yes, but to me she seems egotistical, self-centered and weak. So when it occurred to me that a kidnapped princess was a good … Continue reading

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Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur

When I offered to do some story telling at a day camp about the gods of Greece. I was asked to tell the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. On a day when the theme was monsters, you could maybe … Continue reading

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Practice with poetry

We have all read “smart” poems, the ones that work an established form effectively or present a well-crafted metaphor. Then there are those with a good message that we can read on appropriate occasions. We approve of these poems. But … Continue reading

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I love the way storytellers today pull us into the perspective of different characters. From George R R Martin with The Game of Thrones to Maggie Stiefvater in The Scorpio Races, the author shifts perspective from one main character to … Continue reading

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Places that inspire a story

There are some places in the world where stories are waiting just under the surface, behind a tree, under a rock. Greece is such a land.  Postcard photos of the Parthenon or the many theaters of ancient times have a … Continue reading

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