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I am an author, a farmer, a minister, and when I get a chance, a weaver. Storytelling that inspires is important to me. I have two novels set in ancient Greece, Moon of the Goddess and Before the New Moon Rises.

The cost of revenge

My novel, Riven: When Storms Collide, begins with the elf Tinachore returning to Ceridwen the cup that had been stolen from her. In the years it was lost, her anger festered. Now it will erupt. This is how the prologue … Continue reading

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The ancient urban rural divide

“The Goddess frowned at the way houses had sprouted like mushrooms around the base of the hill, taking up land that should be farmed. The king seemed to forget that his wealth came from the produce of the land.” In … Continue reading

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Review of A Wild and Unremarkable Thing

The last while I have taken advantage of the opportunity to review the work of other YA fantasy writers offered through YA Bound. This gives me a chance to keep up with the genre I write novels in, and I … Continue reading

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As we drove to Ottawa last week, crossing that finger of the Canadian Shield that reaches down toward Kingston, we passed through deep rock cuts. Those who carved the route for the highway opened the rock so we can see … Continue reading

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Review of Day Moon by Brett Armstrong

In a day when all books are being entered into a centralized database and then destroyed, Elliot’s grandfather leaves him a copy of Shakespeare’s complete works. When he shares it with the girl he has a crush on, tension enters … Continue reading

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Review of The West Wood by Suzy Vadori

As part of Suzy Vadori’s Blog tour with YA Bound, I offer this review of her new book The West Wood.  Boarding school, with its assorted collection of wealthy kids, has the same tensions as any high school, and Vadori … Continue reading

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In the bright sun and dry air of Burkina Faso, shadows are sharp. Looking down, I saw clear images of what was between the sun and the ground. This was particularly striking when we visited a modern sculpture garden. The stone … Continue reading

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In the area where I live, bedrock is fractured limestone. This has the upside of creating amazing escarpment cliffs and the downside of allowing water to flow unfiltered down into the aquafers. Care with what we put into the water … Continue reading

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The heroine retreats

When writing a sequel, a useful trope is a main character who retreats from the growth that came in the first adventure. In Before the New Moon Rises, Thalassai leaves the hard work to return to the luxuries of palace … Continue reading

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Mining the myths of Greece

People who enjoy my books but don’t usually read fantasy ask me how I get my ideas. One piece of an answer is that I read different versions of the Greek myths, constantly. And often these spark an idea. When … Continue reading

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