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The ancient urban rural divide

“The Goddess frowned at the way houses had sprouted like mushrooms around the base of the hill, taking up land that should be farmed. The king seemed to forget that his wealth came from the produce of the land.” In … Continue reading

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Meanwhile at the shrine of the god of healing

Here is another of my off-stage views. This happens about the time the second novel begins. Panacea is the daughter of Asclepius, the God of Healing, and one of the main characters in both novels. But even the gods cannot … Continue reading

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Meanwhile back at….the shrine near Corinth

In a story, there are always people off stage. We follow the main characters into the action, but what are those left behind thinking and doing? Off stage at a point that would be late in my new book Before … Continue reading

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Before the New Moon Rises: Excerpt

A minor character in my first novel, Moon of the Goddess, has to step up and take on a major task in Before the New Moon Rises. In this excerpt we see Brizo, prince of Ephyra, as he heads off … Continue reading

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The Rescuers’ Journey

Thought I would offer an excerpt from my novel Moon of the Goddess. Hope you enjoy it! “This is the place where the tunnel narrows,” said Melanion. He turned sideways, leading with his shoulder. The tunnel wall was hardly a handspan from … Continue reading

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