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ImageThis week I am chatting with the author V L Locey about our mutual interest in ancient Greek mythology. The first question is:

When the name “Poseidon” is mentioned, kids jump into the conversation. What name from among the Greek gods/goddesses gets your attention? 

V. L. Locey: Ares. I am not sure why the god of war appeals to me as he does. Throughout the Greek legends he is portrayed as a less than admirable god, prone to bloodlust and following his baser desires. Just ask his brother Hephaestus about Ares and his desires, right Aphrodite? And yet, he is the god that appeals to me the most. I like to think it`s because he is always treated so poorly by his kin. I know deep down that Ares has some good in him, just look at how much he loves his children. And when he does give his heart to a woman it`s for keeps. Sure, he may have some slight jealousy issues. Okay, gutting Adonis while in the form of a massive wild boar may be a step above a slight issue, but that does not lessen the lure of the god of manly courage for me. Yep, Ares is my top god, war-torn hands down.


Cathy: Remind me not to get into a fight with you if you’re going to call on Ares to help!

Artemis is the one I am drawn too. Partly she has a broader character than some: she’s taken a vow to be a virgin but still acts as a mid-wife. I like that she does not impose her choice on other women. It is said that her temples centered around a pool of still water, and water always nourishes my spirit. Artemis never walked away from a fight for a just cause: when two giant sons of Poseidon are attacking goddesses, she leads them to their death to protect others—in that story, Hera just slipped away and left the giants to continue their rampage. Artemis will help out in the sequel to Moon of the Goddess. Her skills help out in the hunt for a creature that Poseidon let loose in the waters around Corfu.


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