Meanwhile back on…..Olympus

In case you missed this post when I “visited” Lorna George, here is what happened between Moon of the Goddess and Before the New Moon Rises back on Olympus:

A swirl of black smoke rose from the ground staining the green grass of Mount Olympus with soot. Hades emerged from the cloud. “Do you know what our brother the Earthshaker has done now?”

Zeus continued sharpening his sword on the whirling grindstone. “Has he shaken the earth?”

“Split a mountain open.” Hades’ voice was cold as the snow. “Drained the branch of the River Styx that feeds the valley the mortals call Ephyra. And he released the dead.”

The king of the gods laid his sword carefully on a bench and met his brother’s eyes. “You are furious.”

“It is time for you to be angry. He overstepped,” Hades growled.

“You know that I cannot intervene.”

“So our brother does as he likes.”

“If he intruded on your kingdom, you are free to exact a revenge-price.”

“I made him pay.” When Hades smiled, he bared brilliant white teeth, but his eyes burned dark as charcoal. “The way he plots, you may be forced to act.”

Zeus shook his head. “War between us would destroy the world.”

The smile faded from Hades’ lips. Lines of anger formed beside his eyes. “You have been warned.” He stalked away burning the grass as he walked.

Zeus watched his back. He would have to pay more attention to the rumours of Poseidon’s antics. And when he learned what tricks the God of Storm planned, perhaps he could drop a hint to one of the younger gods, someone like Apollo. He picked up his sword again and carefully honed his blade to a killing edge.


To find out what Poseidon has planned, check out the novel Before the New Moon Rises. And if you want to read about how his first plans were dealt with, you can pick up Moon of the Goddess, the first book in this duo.


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