4In the area where I live, bedrock is fractured limestone. This has the upside of creating amazing escarpment cliffs and the downside of allowing water to flow unfiltered down into the aquafers. Care with what we put into the water system is important in a place like this.

But as I watched water find its way down, I imagined what might come up from the depths….

Put together the modern concern with renewable power sources, the landscape of fractured rock, add a touch of Celtic mythology and you have a potentially explosive mix. The main character of my novel Fractured: When Shadows Arise has to find a way to control the rising trouble that her father, an alchemist, has created.

Sound interesting? The book is available this August.5


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I am an author, former farmer, retired minister, and when I get a chance, a weaver. Storytelling that inspires is important to me. I have two novels set in ancient Greece, Moon of the Goddess and Before the New Moon Rises.
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