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I am an author, a farmer, a minister, and when I get a chance, a weaver. Storytelling that inspires is important to me. I have two novels set in ancient Greece, Moon of the Goddess and Before the New Moon Rises.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

In old western movies and TV shows where most of the action is somewhere out on the range, there was a segment that took the viewer back to the ranch to see what was going on at home. It occurred … Continue reading

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Lorna George’s The Redwood Rebel

Today, I welcome Lorna George to this site. Her first novel The Redwood Rebel is just out. This is how she describes the book: In the aftermath of civil war, the people of Ffion starve. The trade has dwindled, the … Continue reading

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Perseus: returns in glory to leave again

With Lorna George coming to this blog in a couple weeks–her novel The Redwood Rebel is out soon–I am continuing to think about princes who do not take their rightful throne in the stories of ancient Greece. Temple of Zeus … Continue reading

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The Prince Returns

Soon I am hosting the first time novelist Lorna George. She has a marvelous story, called The Redwood Rebel about a deposed princess who has to co-operate with the one who imprisoned her in order to defend her land. Check … Continue reading

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Apollo and Dionysius

In the classical era, the Greeks emphasized intellect over emotion, mind over body. This split still defines much of western thought. But there is a tradition arising in Delphi that suggests a different understanding lived. For nine months of the year, … Continue reading

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Cherishing Diversity

I want to reflect on the way we approach diversity in our community. We have changed as a country so that we are more accepting of difference in culture, religious practice, race, lifestyle, but there are still tensions. There is … Continue reading

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The Rescuers’ Journey

Thought I would offer an excerpt from my novel Moon of the Goddess. Hope you enjoy it! “This is the place where the tunnel narrows,” said Melanion. He turned sideways, leading with his shoulder. The tunnel wall was hardly a handspan from … Continue reading

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A Birds’s Eye View

A Bird’s Eye View I found this goldfinch nest in the centre of a small hawthorn tree. The home for its eggs was protected by sharp thorns ten centimeter long. Nobody, not a crow, not a racoon was going to … Continue reading

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Writing poetry as story telling practice

Being new to twitter, I just discovered the poetry prompts there. While most of them lead to love poems, I’ve been trying to let them spark a fantasy type poem. Something like this: Prompt: deep inside Light a tiny flicker … Continue reading

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The heroine of Moon of the Goddess

I never liked Helen of Troy. She seems so helpless. Homer and others portray her as beautiful, yes, but to me she seems egotistical, self-centered and weak. So when it occurred to me that a kidnapped princess was a good … Continue reading

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